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preface: i don't feel this way at all since i woke up from my nap, no i don't!

i feel so retarded when i begin to miss high school. the isolation of my life as it is in its current state has led me to missing the buzz of normies all around
me, to poke fun at and even talk with. i miss having my jokes laughed at, i miss being forced to stay busy working everyday or simply kill time and i miss how
miserable i felt having to attend. everyone had to have a friend, so i had a friend and we walked together every day at lunch wihtout talking much. i should look
at what lies ahead of me. i’m in a great relationship, i’m pursuing somewhat of a college education, i’m not terribly useless. i only fear i will never have
community again. that, being high school, was the closest i’ll ever get to community. the church is dying. things are just so stagnant it is hard to look past
these perennial moments full of nothing but grief over the amount of nothingness being experienced. when these moments are passed they’re never thought of agai
... but while they happen they are eternal and terrible. by now shouldn’t i have learned to keep myself busy? try as i might, the amount of options of things to
do has left me overwhelmingly...bored. it’s good to be bored though, it’s probably good for the overstimulated overwhelmed mind.
your humble narrator,
 Happy Valentine's Day
  two butterflies
fourth update

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third update

hello everyone today we will be experimenting with catchphrases!

i dont really agree with merriam, i think catchphrases help us get out of sticky situations

my top 3 catchphrases are: 

"that's what they always say", "it's been known to happen", and "to an extent"

if you want a catchphrase... 

you'll have to come up with one

 two butterflies
second update

hi again are you looking for my blog? or aren't you? it doesnt really matter

its just nice to be able to write sometimes!! talk soon :)

im trying to make it nice, stop rushing me!


im a website
with little content
and little functionality
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